Welcome to Hawaii!

The ultimate guide to visiting Hawaii, home to incredible beaches, stunning wildlife, and packed with adventure. From the jagged mountains in Kauai, to the surfing paradise of Oahu, to the luxury of Maui, Hawaii has something for everyone. Read on to find more about these beautiful islands.



How Long Is The Flight To Hawaii

Congratulations on wanting to visit Hawaii! A lot of people have Hawaii as their dream destination, but they’re concerned about the flight. Worrying about the flight time is understandable, especially if you don’t fly that much, but the trip will be worth it! These are the flight times from major cities in the US to […]


Map of Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are a beautiful island chain, but where are they? Below are a few maps to show you the way.  These islands are easy to fall in love with because of their beautiful beaches and wonderful scuba diving. Regardless of what you’re going there for though, you’ll have a great time. Between the […]


Guide to Kayaking on the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii – home of beautiful volcano islands, incredible wildlife, and tropical beaches. Is there a better way to see all of these things and more than through a kayaking adventure around the islands? Kayaking is the easiest way to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean, especially if you aren’t keen on surfing or diving. Hawaii has […]


Packing List for a Vacation to Hawaii

Hawaii is an exciting vacating destination with beaches, greenery, and mountains all on an island. So, it is essential to pack for your Hawaii vacation accordingly and pay attention to the minute details if you want to look and feel good on your trip. Since Hawaii has excellent weather conditions, you can simply shrink your […]


COVID & Traveling to Hawaii in 2021

If you’re traveling to Hawaii from the mainland US, it’s important to stay up to date on the most recent COVID regulations. If you’re looking for the COVID guidance from the Hawaii State Government, you can visit this link, or read on for more convenient formatting. Steps to take before your flight Get a COVID […]